Anastasis Wellness

Holistic Wellness: Cultivating Change Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually

Life Coaches James Vassell and Alissa Long have joined together as a team to see a vision of Holistic Health and Wellness come to fruition. James received his Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and loves working with diverse populations ranging from couples, teens, and adults. Alissa has a Master’s degree in Holistic Child Development and her background has centered mostly around children and teens, but Alissa enjoys Parent Education and family group sessions as well. Both James and Alissa have a foundational belief that the family is one of the most influential and important aspects of our lives, and have devoted their education and careers to working with families and individuals to see positive, sustainable change come about. Both of our clinicians have valuable experience working with local service and mental health organizations and are now devoting their time to the community through Life Coaching.